Licenses and approvals

Aqua Protego is produced and sold in the GCC under license from Electrox Water Ltd, a British company based in Wiltshire, UK.

Electrox Water Ltd is a leading manufacturer of HOCL, that has been funded by the UK government organisation Innovate UK and is supported by the DIT in the promotion of its business overseas.

Electrox runs an extensive R&D program to further the knowledge on HOCl and its wide ranging uses, in order to help bring this much needed product into global use safely and effectively. The company carries out trials, collects and analises data from studies around the world, and tests production methods to achieve the highest levels of product stability and efficacy. Electrox works with The University of the West of England and has close links with other top British and international institutes, such as Imperial College London, pursuing the analysis of HOCl and the development of its multiple applications.

Eco Friendly Disinfectant Company (FZC) produces Aqua Protego at a state-of-the-art electrolysis production plant in Sharjah, UAE, using advanced electrolysis technology including unique Electrox processing methods and meeting Electrox stringent quality standards and procedures. Product chemical analysis and data is monitored by Electrox Water Ltd to ensure that the highest standards of production and quality control are maintained. The production plant is capable of high-volume output to meet local and regional demand, and further production sites are planned across the 6 GCC nations as demand increases across these territories.

Electrox are members of the National Biofilms Innovation Centre based in the UK and also work with the HOCl Trust, a charitable organisation whose aim is to promote the use of HOCl worldwide as a super-efficient, environmentally friendly disinfectant.

ElectroxSterilising Water has been rigorously tested and has been proven to be a highly effective virucide, bactericide, fungicide and sporicide with a neutral pH, which can be used with complete confidence across multiple market sectors including Medical and Dental, the Care Sector, Health and Well-Being, Education, Agriculture, Transport and Hospitality.

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Approvals and Certifications



Dubai Municipality Approval

ISO 9001

Good Manufacturing Practices

EN 14476: 2019 (Antiviral)

BS EN 1276:2019 (Antibacterial)

BS EN 1650:2019 (Anti Fungal and Anti Yeast)