Aqua Protego Products

Protego’s product portfolio includes the following products.  A unique feature of Aqua Protego is that we work with our customers to define specific products as well that is tailored to our customers’ health, safety and disinfecting requirements.  Our standard products are listed below:

Area Fogging

Protego has defined disinfecting products for a number of market segments and the efficacy of all our products are tested through rigorous testing and Quality Control department of Protego.  It is the safest disinfectant known to mankind and can be used freely around people and animals.  In fact, Protego has a wide range of applications as covered in our market segments including buildings, airports, transportation, educational institutions, Malls, places of worship and others. 

Germ Buster

Protego understands the sensitive needs of cleaning Spas, Gyms, Swimming Pools, Beauty Salons and how critical is a germ-free environment as these are high contact places.  Aqua Protego’s Germ Buster kills airborne germs and deodorizes as well, which makes this the disinfectant of choice for Spas, Swimming Pools, Gyms and Beauty Salons.

Hygiene Enhancer

Hygiene Enhancer gives confidence of human friendly and healthy environment to restaurants, Delis and Butcheries.


Proteogo has the safest and the most effective sanitizer.  Given its construct, Protego is unique in its use and can be freely spray on surface and even on consumable items.  This has taken the cleanliness index of our product to an uncontestable levels!

Aqua Protego Life Extender

We have a specially designed product that can be used on food items, particularly fruits and vegetables to achieve multiple goals and those are to keep the produce pest free, pathogens free and keeps them fresh longer.  Protego partner, Electrox conducted a study and it reveals that spraying Protego Life Extender on produce extends its shelf life by 3-5 days!

Poultry Protego

Our Poultry is used in the entire poultry farm value chain and is animal and environmentally friendly product that yields better results compared to harmful and potent chemicals that are currently in use in poultry farms.  Please keep in consideration that these products end up in our tummies!

Veggie Protego

Our Veggie farm product is so friendly, you can even replace harmful pesticides with Veggie Protego.  Spraying Veggie Protego eliminates the needs to further wash the crops with water, conserving time, energy and water, therefore saving the environment.  Feel good when you use Veggie Protego

Fisheries Protego

Keep the sea food clean, safe and healthy.  Look no further than Marine Protego.  You can use Marine Protego in preparing the ice that is used to keep the sea food in storage and display!

HVAC Protego

Protego has a product that cleans small and large HVAC systems giving you clean and fresh air to breath even when inside.  Our ability to kill all airborne pathogens ensure safe indoor experiences and pleasures.

White label

We provide a white label service to produce sanitation kids with your name and logo backed by UK licensed technology to provide the strongest and the safest disinfection!

We bring HOCl to you!

“wash away ALL your germs with Protego!”

For large volume customers, Protego will bring a turnkey solution* to its customers’ doorsteps.  No hassle, no worries, just fill and use for ALL sanitizing and disinfecting needs

* Turnkey solution will include our Protego system, product quality guarantee, regular testing of the product and maintenance