When fish are filleted, deboned, packaged and frozen, before distribution, exposure Of the fish to water  constitutes one of the critical steps that must be optimally Controlled in order to prevent the introduction of pathogens. The water used in the processing Of fish needs to be clean with minimal levels of spoilage organisms and free of pathogens. Cross contamination may occur during food processing where bacteria are transferred From raw fish and/or contaminated surfaces to hygienically safe fish and seafood. Sanitizing Seafood with Protego Marine Guard helps prevent cross contamination and satisfies the demand for implementing safer and more natural food sanitation without adversely affecting Food quality. There are no chemical residues, no odors, and no changes in taste or color. No Post-rinse is required. Sanitized ice can be generated with Protego Marine Guard. Sanitized ice Can be used in the transport and storage of seafood to maintain freshness. Sanitize ice made With Protego Marine Guard halts the growth of microbial organisms.

  • 100% Natural
  • Sanitizing Seafood
  • Highly Effective
  • Maintain Freshness
  • Better for Food Quality
  • Prevent Cross Contamination